Day 9: Let my Stephen Go

Why is it that Stephen can’t seem to step into a room without someone discussing judaism?  First he had to put up with his boss laying out some anti-semetic rhetoric, and then he walks smack into a nice little lecture in the news room.

-Why will you jews not accept our culture, our religion and our language? You are a tribe of nomad herdsmen: we are a mighty people. You have no cities nor not wealty: our cities are hives of humanity and our galleys, trireme and quadrireme, laden with all manner merchandise furrows the waters of the known globe.

Granted, this lecture reflects a little bit better upon the Jewish people, but I find it somewhat odd that Joyce chooses to try and insert a bit of Hebrew influence just about anywhere that Stephen is present.  The obvious effect is to draw another connection between Stephen and Bloom, the latter of whom finally has his attempt at sealing an advertising deal shot down by the blowhard editor.

"Will you tell him he can kiss my arse?" Myles Crawford said

So Bloom has lost his “Keyes” account (named after the gentleman named Keyes who wanted an add with crossed keys) .  Our poor fellow seems to be frustrated again. Stephen, on the other hand, realizes he has money in his pocket and invites the staff out for a drink.  This may not be a good idea given the fact that Mr. Dedalus has by his own admission a bunch of debts to pay.  It seems both our protagonists are in a bit of trouble as far as finances go.  Not surprisingly, Bloom and Dedalus barely meet and the distance between them is only bridged by the connections that one can infer from the text.  There is definitely a tenuous connection between the two and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds further.


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