What I’m Doing

The Mission: Read Ulysses over the summer and blog about it.

For the longest time I have thought of James Joyce’s Ulysses as the Mount Everest of Literature.  The book is complex, long, and let’s be honest, kind of boring, and nobody should read it unless they have to.

Nobody but me, anyways.

What little I know of Ulysses was gained in an English Lit. class years ago, and from what I recall I think I cut that class more often than any other.  I did enjoy reading “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, but I never really managed to wrap my head around the sequel.  Now in my forties and with my own book of poems published, I have decided that it is high time I paid some literary dues and go through this book, cover to cover, with no help, no secondary reading material, and no analysis other than what I post on this blog.  I don’t expect that what I write will add any new, brilliant scholarship to “Ulysses”, and I expect I’ll probably get a lot of it wrong, but what you will get is one man’s thoughts and opinions regarding what has been called the most important novel ever written.

So in the beginning….


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